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Accel/Preempt Sterilization Liquids

A New Name, New Look for Accel Products !!! 



Features and Benefits of Accel Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sterilizing Liquids and Wipes

ACCEL with its patented technology is the first new infection control chemistry in over 20 years - Engineering Revolutionary Disinfectants for the war against Microbes
AHP is both a cleaner and a disinfectant (others can only disinfect pre- cleaned surfaces)
AHP has a shorter contact time –can disinfect in 30 seconds (most other disinfectants have at least a 10 minute contact time)
AHP does not leave any active ingredient residue on surfaces – other disinfectants can actually leave behind a residue and a build up on surfaces
AHP is non-toxic, non-irritating to skin and eyes, and non-corrosive
AHP is safe to use on most surfaces
AHP is 100% biodegradable
• It’s about time there was something better

ACCEL is setting the standard with product efficacy and industry protocols. ACCEL has pioneered the broader acceptance of Hydrogen Peroxide based products with its patented technology known as Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP). AHP is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that, when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide, produce exceptional potency as a germicide and performance as a cleaner. These claims are all backed with governmental registrations and extensive third party analysis.
Be ready when the Health Inspector comes to your facility. Call your distributor to place your order of ACCEL – and ask about our upcoming continuing education seminars in infection control, as well as other topics for the Spa Industry.