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EVERLASH Complete Starter Kit
Everlash Starter kit provides everything you need for introducing Eyelash extension to your spa service menu...
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Everlash Spread Lashes
Everlash Spread lashes produce an elegant flair to the eye’s with a full and natural look...
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Everlash Single Eyelash Extensions
Everlash Single lashes produce an absolutely natural, subtle, less-full appearance than spread lashes...
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Band Lashes
As an alternative to semi-permanent, individually applied lashes, Everlash introduces Flexibands, lashes applied in one strip.…
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Everlash Black Adhesive
The black adhesive is designed for the individually applied black lashes. Like all Everlash products, …
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Everlash Clear Adhesive
Formulated Clear adhesive designed to be used with all Brown colour lashes. Everlash Adhesive is a medical grade adhesive made for salon professionals and lash technicians. …
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Everlash Adhesive Remover
EVERLASH Adhesive Remover Solvent is used to remove your semi-permanent lashes and adhesive...
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Everlash Makeup Remover
Everlash lashes will not stick to natural lashes that have been cleaned with an oil based make-up remover...
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Angled Tweezers
The Tweezers are specially designed for applying the lashes. They should be kept clean at all times during an application to prevent the false lashes from sticking to them.…
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Everlash Eyebrow Make-up
Everlash Eyebrow Make-up in 8 shades for the perfect look - matches hair and face tones …
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Everlash Eye Shadow
Everlash Eye Shadow stands out from its competitors because it does not gather in the fold of the lid…
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Everlash Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Everlash Spread and Single lashes are applied individually to your own lashes giving a glamorous but completely natural looking effect.

Everlash lashes come in 16 varieties of lashes. When applied correctly and maintained properly they will last up to 3 weeks before needing to be replaced.

To become an Everlash technician, first purchase a Starter Kit and view the training dvd.

Fernanda's is proudly the Canadian Distributor of Everlash. If you want to Distribute Everlash please contact Fernanda or Jamie Pimentel at 1 800 862 1447.