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BioMERS™ 500 ml
Immersion disinfectant and holding solution.
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Hospital-level hard surface disinfectant.
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Hospital-level surface disinfectant. Available in One Step Wipes (100 sheets), 500 ml Pouch, 5L Box with Spout
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BioSON™ 50 ml
Ultrasonic bath surfactant concentrate…
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Sahara™ 60ml
Waterless gel hand-sanitizer.…
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Micrylium Professional Disinfectant - Our Story:
Micrylium Laboratories, Inc. is a privately-owned, infection control products manufacturer established in May of 1994. Our name is derived from the 'Micro' in microbiology with the added ending “ylium” to signify value. Laboratories is essential to the name as the company has a major research and analysis division.
Our facility includes our administrative offices, our manufacturing division, the research & development department, and our warehouse. Micrylium operates as a fully compliant FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturer.
Education is a major focus and mission at Micrylium, and as such, we regularly provide quality continuing education lectures on such topics as infection control, water & air quality, disease transmission, environmental & toxicity issues, just to name a few.