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ORLY ADVANCED & CREATIVE DESIGN: Virtual Workshop! Master Builder in A Bottle and Creative Nail Art


Next Dates: Tuesday November 10th, 2020 Time: 11:00 am to 3 pm (4 hours)

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE: The ORLY Lead Ambassador will facilitate a virtual workshop for Nail Technicians with an emphasis on mastering Builder-In-A-Bottle application and explore fun, creative nail art. In order to accomplish this, we have created four courses in one to relay an extensive Workshop in knowledge for Basic Builder-In-A-Bottle application, salon-style art skills, advanced Avant Garde techniques and bridal artistry. Upon completion of this hands-on Workshop, Nail Technicians will be certified with ORLY Advanced and Creative Nail Art Education.

KEY CONTENT: Learn all about the versatility of Builder-In-A-Bottle while perfecting nail prep, filing techniques, basic nail art, form application, and fills.  


  • ORLY products including GELFX BodyGuard and Builder in a Bottle. 
  • A full list of products/tools/training materials is available for reference.  Please inquire for further information and the Orly materials required list.  

This is a 2 Day virtual workshop.  Once materials required of Orly Products have been purchased you will automatically be registered for Both Workshops.  Orly GelFx Basics & Orly Advanced & Creative Design mastering Builder in a Bottle.  Zoom links will be provided 1 day prior to course date.

TRAINING ENVIRONMENT: This class is offered for certified Nail Technicians.

CERTIFICATION:Certificate awarded upon successful completion of both Orly Basic & Orly Builder in a Bottle.

PRE-REGISTRATION: Click here to Inquire for Further Information or to Registered for this Workshop.  Must purchase Orly Products at least 3 days prior to the class to be registered and ensure time for shipping.  After this timeline you will need to pick up your product from in-store.  


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