ORE Cryogenic Mask Peel Off Mask 300g

Spirulina is a treasure in cosmetics ; its high content in this mask gives it regenerating and refreshing properties which nourish and tonify the skin.

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Product Description

Tonifying activity
Spirulina is very rich in vitamins E, C and A (retinol), recognized for their anti-ageing activity. While stimulating the cell’s renewal, they improve the tissues’ tonicity. The vitamin A has especially a skin-tightening effect while increasing the collagen fiber’s rate; associated with the vitamine E and its strong anti-oxidant action, the vitamin A helps to firm up the skin.

A feeling of freshness
The menthol cryo complex contained in the mask has a calming and refreshing action. Spirulina, coming from the marine world, strengthens this feeling thanks to the remineralising minerals and trace elements it releases.

Direction for Use:
Dose: 60g of powder and 180g of water.
Add warm water to the powder, Mix vigorously to get a homogeneous paste.
Apply the paste immediately to the face avoiding the eye contour.
The mask sets in minutes following the application.
Leave the mask to perform its function at least 15 minutes.
Remove it by peeling off in one whole piece.

Good for all skin type face and body.

Main Ingredients :
Alginate,Spirulina,Cryogenic complex with menthol


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