Wonder Lip Paint by JCAT

For  color and impeccable wear, J.Cat Beauty’s Wonder…..



Product Description

For  color and impeccable wear, J.Cat Beauty’s Wonder Lip Paint serves justice! With the blend of endurance and delivery of intense pigmentation, this will become your heroine of lip colors. Select from numerous colors to paint your lips for your day and nighttime adventures. This gives you the ability to get a fully pigmented color impact, and mix colors to create your own custom  shade – just like real paint!


  • WLP101-Caterpillar Smoke
  • WLP102-2nd Impossible Thing
  • WLP103-Always Late, Rabbit!
  • WLP104-Heartadocious
  • WLP105-Much Mucher.
  • WLP106-Mimsy
  • WLP107-Underland
  • WLP108-Looking Glass
  • WLP109-Queen of Hearts
  • WLP110-Orange Delight
  • WLP111-Red Potion
  • WLP112 – Blabberwocky
  • WLP113-Mad Splatter
  • WLP114-Curiouser
  • WLP115-Ches Desire Cat
  • WLP117-Dutchess with Muchness
  • WLP130-Curious Oysters
  • WLP134-By The Bye

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Caterpillar Smoke, 2nd Impossible Thing, Always Late, Rabbit!, Heartadocious, Much Mucher., Mimsy, Underland, Looking Glass, Queen of Hearts, Orange Delight, Red Potion, Blabberwocky, Mad Splatter, Curiouser, Ches Desire Cat, Dutchess with Muchness, Curious Oysters, By The Bye


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