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  • Learn how to use this unique product in our 1 day, hands on workshop
  • 1 day course aimed at exiting nail techs – to teach you how to use this unique product which is unlike anything currently on the market.
  • This course will give you a full understanding of the product usage, its unique benefits and which clients will suit this product.


This course will be suitable for you if you have already been qualified in hard gels or acrylics (any brand)



  • An overview of why the product was developed
  • How the product compares to gel and acrylic
  • How the product works-the technology behind it
  • The benefit of the product for the nail technician
  • The benefit of the product for the client


  • Nail Preparation
  • ApplAppliication of pink and white gels to create a natural finish to the nails (overlay)
  • Gel Nail with Tip Extension
  • Nail Make over. Application of pink and white to include our opaque shade which is used to elongate short nail beds and mask imperfections of the natural nail.
  • Correct application of sculpting forms.
  • Sculpting with the product to create both a natural finish and pink and white application.
  • Application of Veneer Colour
  • Correct removal of the product




Please call for more information.  Students must bring their LED lamp. If not available, student must purchase at time of class.

Please contact us at 905-625-8460 or Click here to Inquire for Further Information or for Registration Inquiries.  Our educator will be happy to contact you back.  All registrations and deposits must be completed at least 5 days prior to the course date.

Fernanda’s Beauty and Spa Supplies is your training centre for basic and advanced training.  Our courses provide hands on training by Experienced Instructors.  Private courses also available (on some classes) please inquire.

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