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Refectocil Lashes and Brows Tint Course


  • Monday April 5th, 2021 – 11am to 4pm  **COURSE FULL**

Refectocil Tinting Course.  Join us for one of the hottest and biggest trends in the Beauty Industry!  Bring out your gorgeous Eyelashes and Eyebrows with Refectocil Tinting.  Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting give the eyes definition and lets you go without mascara or having the need to colour eyebrows with pencils.  This will save your customers time on their daily routines.  Tinted eyelashes and eyebrows will thicken the look of the existing eyelashes and eyebrows, bring out and define facial features and will make lighter eyes stand out.  Tinting can be applied on all colours of eyelashes and eyebrows and is a quick and easy service that you can add to your list of services in your spa and salon.

This course will cover:

  • Health & Safety Procedures
  • Infection Control Procedures
  • Hair Growth Theory
  • Hair Colour Theory
  • In-depth Product Knowledge
  • Complete Procedure & Application Training
  • Client Care and Follow Up Procedures
  • Diseases & Infections of the Eye and How to Identify them

Course Duration: 3 Hours

What’s Needed: Purchase the Refectocil Station Kit and you will automatically be registered to our certified Refectocil Lash and Brows Tinting Course.  Each student must purchase kit in advance, upon registration to receive training.  Prices subject to change without notice. Please inquire for further details and information.


Theory: Science Refectocil (Procedure / Marketing) Infection Control

Practical: Head Trainer will perform a Demo.  Students will complete full practical on each other (due to Covid-19 restrictions and limitations No Models allowed at this time.  Students will work within eachother to ensure the capacity restrictions are followed.  Masks and Sheilds are required to be worn by all attendees.)

PRE-REGISTRATION: Click here to Inquire for Further Information.  Our trainer will be more than happy to contact you back, clarify any doubts and confirm you registration. Must be registered at least 5 days prior to the class.



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