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Tips to grow your client base – By Bellabaci INT

Tips to grow your client base - By Bellabaci INT

Tips to grow your client base – By Bellabaci INT

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Spa-hoppers are every therapist’s worst nightmare. We want our clients to stay, that  is the aim of building up a client base. A stable client base is necessary to be confident with your monthly income.

The problem arises when clients start to look elsewhere. It is impossible to keep every client satisfied, but we can put in place small touches to ensure a happy client.

Tips to grow and keep your  client base:

Loyalty programs

This is a reward-based program that will keep your client base coming back for more. Having a credit-card sized card to give out to each client is essential to keep track. With each visit, add a sticker or signature. You can decide if you want to reward with a free treatment on every 5th, 7thor 10thtreatment. This is also a great way to boost your retail sales. Reward your clients with a free massage or facial when she has bought 10 spa products.

Introduce new treatments

Ask your clients which treatments or product types they would have loved to be available in your spa. Once you find that a specific request is asked for a few times, introduce it to your spa with a promotional deal or package. Make sure the clients who requested this is aware and make them feel special by thanking them personally.

Social Media

Social media platforms are an excellent way to give a window into your spa for your client base. Ask your clients while they are with you to quickly like your various platforms. Ensure to take good quality pictures with great lighting and check the fine details and spelling before you hit the “post button”. Investing in a professional photoshoot is worth every sent, especially for your spa menu. Ask your various brands for social media files. These images will capture your audience and create interest.

Experience your own spa and treatments

Nothing can put you in a better perspective than to experience your spa from a client’s point of view. Are the chairs comfy and still in good shape? How do your towels feel and does your coffee or other offered drinks taste great and look presentable? Does your shower nozzle work properly? Fine touches such as a berry inside a beautiful glass of water or a slice of lemon and suger-rind can really give you that refined feel. You client base will notice the smallest details, make sure to give every item and area an overview. Pintrest has some great ideas to up your catering and spa presentation game!

Add blogs and interesting content to your website

Knowledge breeds confidence. Clients love to know more about your various treatments and products. Ensure your blogs capture a wide variety of information such as tips, treatment information and product benefits. A weekly newsletter sent through your newsletter with a discount voucher code can also help serve as a reminder of you.

Collect a database

Be sure to have a sign up for the newsletter or promos pop up. This will help you create a data base to send offerings and information too, even if they are not your clients in-spa yet.

Ask for referrals

Offer your clients a free treatment for every 5 clients referred to you. You would need to keep track of this, but word of mouth is always the best and most effective way to market your spa.

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