Stone Massage


We carry a complete line of massage stones such as basalt, jade, marble, and gemstones. Our BASALT STONES originate from the river beds in South America. They have NOT been cut, shaped or polished therefore retaining their natural inherent energy. We carefully assemble all our stone sets ourselves considering size and function. We don’t pre-oil our basalt stones. The stones that you will receive from us will be in their natural raw form. They will turn black after their first initial use. Our JADE and MARBLE stones are equally as popular. Choose from a wide variety of unique shapes and sizes. We offer you the option to choose from our ready-made sets or customize your own to your specific needs. Your stones should last you a lifetime if they are properly cleaned and cared for. Upon receiving your stones and after every use, we suggest that you wash them with our Sweet Orange and Lemongrass Stone Wash and then treat them with our Tea Tree and Sacred Sage Purifying Spray.