BELLABACI Bambino Cup Sets

Meet our smallest cup for those specialised areas such as the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and month. Also use them to plump up lip line and say hello to volumized kissable lips.


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Product Description


Used for targeted areas such as under the eyes or lipline.

Facial Massage is a well-known treatment modality to increase blood circulation to speed up regeneration and give you the best in anti-ageing.

Why use the Bellabaci Bambino Massage Cups?

Our cups are super easy to use! Just apply our Skin Get a Life treatment oil or use your facial cleanser to facilitate movement. Squeeze the cup and set it down and massage your skin working from the midline outwards on each side.

Our cups are made from unbreakable silicone and is a must have for anyone concerned about the effect of ageing!

Please note to never leave the cup stationary on your face!


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