BELLABACI Bye-Bye Belly Blues

Designed to assist with IBS, constipation, spastic colon, menstrual pain, cramps or whatever may be upsetting abdominal region to sooth you back to complete calmness. Also supports your body’s digestion, aiding in nutrient absorption and toxin removal.

Available: Professional size 8oz / Retail size 4oz

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Fast-acting formula treats form Belly Bloat to IBS, and everything inbetween.

Experience total comfort for your belly blues with this all natural and fast acting formulation. No more IBS, Constipation, Spastic Colon, Menstrual Pain, Cramps or whatever may be upsetting your abdominal region. Let Lavender, Petitgrain, Eucalyptus and Orange Peel oil sooth you back to complete calmness whilst improving digestion, decreasing inflammation, aiding in nutrient absorption and toxin removal. The addition of Safflower and Kalahari Melon makes this a fast-acting synergy, due to the fact that these two superb oils ensure speedy delivery of actives into the bloodstream for quick and total relief.

This formulation also works on an emotional level, to calm emotional upsets linked to abdominal discomfort. This includes stress-type feelings which are linked to trigger conditions such as IBS, Spastic Colon, queasiness, diarrhoea, constipation etc. The Bye Bye Belly Blues also calms the nerves and boosts emotions such as positivity and upliftment by boosting endorphins and serotonin secretions.

Available in 4 oz and 8 oz

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4 oz, 8 oz


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