An innovative formula, rich with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids to repair, protect and regenerate compromised, damaged or irritated skin. Deeply balances moisture and oil levels while addressing the effect of aging and pollution exposure. Lessens the appearance of scars and stretch marks and restore skin resilience and elasticity to prevent future damage.

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Say goodbye to wrinkles, stretchmarks and sagging skin

This powerful blend of organic essential oils and energetic synergies will address any form of skin laxity or loss of resilience. Due to its small molecular structure, this Genie may be used on facial skin (preferably those not predisposed to oily or acne-type skins) and body skin with deeply penetrative and restorative actions.

The tissue rebuilding and repairing benefits of our formulation assists to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Skin feels softer and smoother while oil and moisture levels are replenished in from the deepest to the most superficial layers of skin. Wrinkle reducing Argan oil will assist to turn back the clock while Rosehip seed oil (a natural derivative of Vitamin A) addresses the skin restructuring process. This Genie is not just packed with anti-oxidants, but also the highest quality of vitamins and essential fatty acids. It is also non-comedogenic, and leaves your skin silky-soft.

Available in 4 oz and 8 oz

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4 oz, 8 oz


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