Gulfstream – La Tulip 2 Luxury Spa

Enjoy the elegance and performance of the new La Tulip 2 Pedicure Chair. The seat has forward, backward and reclining adjustments. The state-of-the-art Shiatsu roller back system feels like strong hands on your back, with rolling, kneading, and percussion functions all controlled by the hand-held remote. In addition to pre-programmed massages, the client also can have precise control of the location and type of massage. The flip-up armrests are made of real wood with durable polyurethane finish, and the footrest is adjustable to the preferred height of the therapist.

This Cleanjet pedicure unit incorporates a massage system much like the techinques used by massage and chiropractic professionals for back and spinal care. The massage starts with a multi-patent pending mechanism that works like “wrists and arms.” Then “the hands” were added — massage discs that move three-dimensionally. The result is a massage that feels remarkably human.

Four massage functions to choose from. This unit offers rolling, kneading, percussion, and the exclusive compression function preferred by doctors.

Kneading – Ease soreness and work out the “knots” with a deep kneading massage.

Percussion – Feel invigorated by the sensation of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles.

Rolling – Feel the tension dissolve with the gentle rolling massage.

This pedicure unit features our new Cleanjet spa. The quiet jets eliminate the harsh noise and vibration of typical pedicure units. This Cleanjet system can be easily and completely cleaned reducing the possibility of cross contamination from one user to the next, eliminating the risk of infection.

Product Description

La Tulip 2 Pedicure Spa Chair:

Shiatsu massage system – rolling, tapping, kneading, multifunction
Power seat – recline, forward, backward with remote control
Premium Ultra Leatherrett
Armrest – pull up for easy access on both sides
Wooden manicure tray
Remoter control handle
Free matching technician stool

Pedicure Spa Shell:

Fiberglass coated with gel resin
The Shell base is chemical resistance
Pull out spray to easily clean the tub
Adjustable footrest (Black)
Color therapy mood lights
CleanJet Max – Magnet to the tub, pipeless, sanitize
SIngle faucet for hot/cold water

Optional Features:

Discharge pump – required if you are not draining water directly into an adjacent floor drain.
Pedicure Chair Specifications:

Dimensions – 56″L x 28″W x 51″H
Weight – 250 lbs Shipping Weight 320 lbs
Tub Capacity – 4 US gal. (19 L)
Drain Source – 1-1/4″ drain. 1/2″ if discharge installed. Must meet local plumbing codes using schedule 40 drain pipe and appropriate traps.
Water Source – 1/2″ pipe thread fitting hot and cold. Must meet local plumbing codes. Normal water pressure of 30 – 120 PSI required. Backflow preventer V00275 installed.
Electrical – 2 Whirlpool Ultra CleanJet™ 1/5hp 120V 2AMP 60hz. Discharge pump 110V 5.5AMP 60hz. Must meet local codes. Ground fault interrupter required.
Certifications – CSA approved & UL listed

Base Option :


Bowl Option :





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