Mertz Nose, Ear and Moustache Scissors 650 RF

Nose, Ear and Moustache Scissors 650 RF

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Product Description

Nose, Ear and Moustache Scissors 650 RF

For cutting hair in nose and ear. Also for shaping moustache.

Size: 4 1/2″

Blades: round tips

Material: stainless steel shiny

About MERTZ (Germany)

MERTZ tools are used by the professional beautician, manicurist, pedicurist and cosmetologist.

Most implements are produced in Germany.

MERTZ hand-finished implements are precision made using the most exact manufacturing methods and the high grade stainless steel tempered for strength and durability. Their quality allows them to be autoclaved repetitively without any risk of corrosion or discolouration.

MERTZ instruments are suitable for both the professional beauty market as well as the mass personal care market.

High quality, modern and classic designs, competitive prices – all this makes MERTZ the leader in its field.

MERTZ have been represented in Canada since 1998.

Each of the MERTZ implements is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee against manufacturer faults.


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