RefectoCil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints

Eyelashes and eyebrows tinted with RefectoCil simply look better!….

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For long-lasting beauty!

Eyelashes and eyebrows tinted with RefectoCil simply look better! The lashes appear clearly longer and more voluminous, as the tinting accentuates the full length of the lashes faded by sun and water. Light brows can be accentuated by a dark tint; dark brows can be lightened to match dyed blond hair or to be co-ordinated in brightness and colour with any hair colour. Indeed, it is currently the trend to match the eyebrows to red-dyed hair, using the new shades RefectoCil No. 4 chestnut and RefectoCil No. 4.1 red.

With tinted eyelashes the eyes look more vivid, even in the morning when waking up they already look expressive. In addition eyelash tinting is extremely practical and time-saving, because daily application of mascara is avoided! With tinted eyelashes the eyelashes and eyes look expressive and attractive for weeks – even without mascara. When using mascara unpleasant clumps often cause individual lashes to stick together. With tinted eyelashes there is no such problem, because the colour penetrates into each individual lash – without sticking them together or producing clumps. Particularly for contact lens wearers eyelash tinting is ideal. They frequently suffer because the fine Mascara particles irritate the eye. For sport enthusiasts eyelash tinting is perfect, as it is water resistant for weeks and even when sweating does not smear or run.

Tip: Particularly before a vacation you should recommend the tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows to your client. After this experience, your client won’t be able to resist the many advantages!

The colour lasts for up to 6 weeks. During this period new eyelashes and eyebrows grow and should be tinted again. Offer your client an individual, customized consultation concerning the selection of colours. The broad colour spectrum permits a selection among 9 different colours and will fulfil even the most extravagant desire. Choose between black, graphite, blue black, deep blue, natural brown, light brown, chestnut, red or blond.

The best result is achieved when applying the tint regularly, because with each tinting the colour will penetrate deeply into the eyelashes leaving them more intensely and durably coloured.

RefectoCil Eyelash and eyebrow
tints have been globally successful for more than 60 years and are approved by millions of customers.

Which colour shade is the correct one?

Usually the eyelashes are tinted dark, so they look longer and more voluminous. The colours deep black, blue black and natural brown are appropriate for this purpose. Pale eyebrows can be enhanced with a dark colour (deep black, blue black, natural brown). Light and/or white eyebrows can be emphasized with a darker colour (graphite, light brown). For people with coloured hair the eyebrows can be co-ordinated accurately with the hair colour. For clients who colour their hair in red tones, for the first time the possibility exists of matching the colour of the eyebrows exactly as desired with the hair colour: with RefectoCil No. 4 chestnut and RefectoCil No. 4.1 red. Customers with dyed blond hair can lighten eyebrows appearing too dark with RefectoCil Bleaching paste No. 0 blond.

The 9 RefectoCil colour shades

  • The classic RefectoCil No. 1 pure black tints eyelashes and eyebrows pure deep black.
  • Particularely for all grey eyebrows RefectoCil No. 1.1 graphite is used, since this colour subtly covers greying or white hair evenly and gives it a light grey to dark grey shade.
  • RefectoCil No. 2 blue black is a black colour with a blue lustre providing additional depth to the tinting result. RefectoCil No. 2 blue black is ideal for clients who wish “a bit more“ than pure black; the colour goes very well with certain types of faces or eye make-up.
  • RefectoCil No. 2.1 deep blue is only suitable for light blonde and blonde lashes; now you can offer fashionable clients a perfect match of their eyelashes with blue eyes or eye make-up in blue shades.
  • RefectoCil No. 3 natural brown is a very dark, well covering brown which is ideal for clients with natural brown hair, who prefer a natural look. The eyelashes will be visible in their full length, look more voluminous and naturally beautiful.
  • RefectoCil No. 3.1 light brown is suitable for a discreet, natural looking enhancement of light blonde to light brown eyelashes and eyebrows, if RefectoCil No. 3 natural brown is perceived to be too dark.
  • Especially trendy is the matching of eyebrows with hair in red tones using the new colour RefectoCil No. 4 chestnut and RefectoCil No. 4.1 red.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting for men

Same as colouring of hair, tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows was for a long time the sole domain of woman. But with the consistently rising number of men, who attach particular importance to personal care, men have discovered the incomparable advantages of eyelash and eyebrow tints: to look simply better with longer and more voluminous eyelashes and eyebrows. Lasting up to 6 weeks! With an eyelash and eyebrow tint men can finally give themselves a little “help”, in order to emphasize their eyes. Additionally important for men: compared to mascara, tinted eyelashes and eyebrows always look natural! Open your male customer’s eyes!

Tinting of beard and side burns

RefectoCil tints are ideally suited for the tinting of beards and side-burns. One case of application is the tinting of grey hair with dark, well covering shades. Clients with light natural hair like their beard to be tinted dark, in order to look more attractive. A naturally dark beard can be tinted with pure black or natural brown, if the natural hair colour does not please the client. For fashion-conscious clients a beard tinting in fancy colour like red or chestnut could be interesting, in such a way a completely new look is created.

RefectoCil tints are also suitable for pubic hair.

Content: 15 ml. Sufficient for approx. 30 applications. Please read instructions for use.

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1 Black, 1.1 Graphite, 2 Blue Black, 2.1 Blue, 3 Natural Brown, 3.1 Light Brown, 4 Chestnut, 4.1 Red


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